Friday, July 14, 2017


A working knowledge of PSP is assumed.


Tube of choice. One sitting or reclining works best.
I am using the beautiful art of Melanie Delon, which can be found at CDO

Mask bghj

Font used is Saginaw

Animation Shop3(Optional)

NOTE: This tutorial is written for the materials I used. If you are using something different you may need to adjust some settings.

 IPL = In Palette Layers 


In PSP open a new image 700 x 550. Flood fill with white. New Raster Layer. Click inside the new  raster layer. My tube came with a nice background, so I'm using it. I cut off the right side up to the bird. Now copy the image and paste it into the new raster layer on your tag. Select none. If you are not using this tube or background, you will need to use your own background scene.

Apply the Mask bghj. Layers - Merge group. 

Paste, as a new layer, the medium sized tube. Resize down to 95%. Place it to the left side of your tag. Covering over the girl on the mask layer. (I know her hair shows through the arm of the tube, but it blends in with the clouds so I didn't worry about it.)

Paste, as a new layer, the leafy frame. Resize it down to 95%. Center it. Add a drop shadow. I used H & V = 1. Opacity = 50. Blur = 4. Color is black.

Paste as a new layer, the bird. Move to the right side of the frame. Give it a drop shadow. 
Paste as a new layer, the purple bow. Position to the upper left corner. Resize down to 90%. Give it a drop shadow.
Paste, as a new layer, the heart charm. Give it a drop shadow. Move it to the lower left of the frame. Erase a small portion of the loop to make it look as if it's looped throught the vine. (see my tag).
Add any other elements of your own choosing.

If you are not going to animate, 
Add copyrights and a name. Merge all visible and save. 


Do not merge all. Go ahead and add the copyright. 
You will be working with the tube layer only. 
Once you have your tag looking as you like, right click and copy merge.
Paste, as a new animation, in animation shop.
Back in psp. 
Now, this is where it gets a bit tricky. You may have to redo these steps a few times to get the animation as you like. It took me several retries. So don't get discouraged.

You will be using your warp brush. Make your warp mode the straight arrow push mode. I set my size to 40 and strength at 100. You may want to play around with the settings to see what works best for you. 

Now move your cursor to a strand of hair and gently push it up just a tiny pinch. You can do more than one strand at a time. Its up to you. 
 Right click your tag and copy merge.
Go back to animation shop. Click on the tag and paste after current frame.
Back to your tag in psp. Select the same or a different strand and again, gently push it just a tiny bit. You don't always have to push just up. Try going out a bit, or down. There's no right or wrong.  Right click and copy merge.
In animation shop right click on the last frame you added, and paste after current frame.
Repeat these steps 3 or 4 more times. Each time pushing the strand of hair the tiniest bit. I think my tag had 7 frames.

Once you are done adding frames, go to Edit - Select all. Now go to Animation - Frame Properties. Set to 15.
View - Animation. If you are happy with your tag, save as a png.

To add a name. After making it in psp, paste it in animation shop as a new animation.
On the upper tool bar or in your edit drop down, select propagate paste. Now click on your name and type ctrl a - ctrl c  Now click on the first frame of your tag and type ctrl a - ctrl e  Place your name to the right center of your tag. 
Save as a gif.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and found it easy to follow.

This tutorial was created July 14. 2017.
All the ideas of this tutorial are copyrighted to BeckyP
Any resemblance to any other tutorial is purely a coincidence.
You are welcome to link to this tutorial and/or print it out for your own personal use.
Please do not copy this tutorial in order to place online.
Please do not re-write, pass out, or claim as your own. Thank you for your cooperation.