Sunday, May 6, 2018


A working knowledge of PSP is assumed.


Tube of choice. One that appears to be dancing works best.
I am using the art of Andreea Cernestean, which can be found at CDO .

FTU scrapkit  Dance

Mask AR315

Font used is MeaCulpa

NOTE: This tutorial is written for the materials I used. If you are using something different, you may need to adjust some settings.

IPL = In Palette Layers

Reminder: Be sure to delete the template layer once you've filled it. Unless stated otherwise.


Open template and supplies in PSP.

Duplicate template and delete original. IPL, delete the credit layers, and the shadow layers, unless you want to keep them.

Click on the frame and rotate right by 2 degrees. Do the same with the frame fill and the strip. For the frame and the strip you may have some edge smudging. I simply used my rectangle selection tool, outline the area I wanted to remove and hit delete.

This part is for those who are using the same tube I used. Depending on your tube, you may not need to do anything other than resize.
Paste, as a new layer, your tube. I resized mine down to 75%. Go to Adjust - Click Automatic Saturation Enhancement. IPL, right click and duplicate tube. Click on the top layer and change Blend Mode to Screen. Move Opacity to 50%. IPL, right click  top layer and merge down. Position your tube in front of the frame. Place it so the feet are below the frame bottom. (see my tag)

Make a blue gradient. Foreground color is 315d78, and background color is, 79a7c6. In foreground click the gradient tab. Style is Linear. Set angle to 43. Repeats to 4.  

Click on the frame layer. Select All - Float - Defloat. New Raster Layer. Fill with the gradient blue. Select none. Go to Effects - 3D - Inner Bevel. Settings: Bevel 5. Width = 4. Smoothness = 10. Depth = 2. Ambience and Shininess = 0. Apply a drop shadow. H & V = 1. Opacity = 50. Blur = 4. Color is black.
Repeat these steps for the Strip bg, right circle 2, also the swirly, but for the swirly change the Depth to 1. 

For the strip, right circle 1, and the frame fill. Select All - float - Defloat. New Raster Layer. In foreground palette click the pattern frame. I selected paper 4. Fill the new raster layer. Select none. Add drop shadow. 

For the remaining rectangles and circles, click one, select all - float - defloat. New Raster layer. In the foreground pattern palette select a paper from the kit and fill the new raster layer. Select none. Apply a drop shadow.

Click on the white background layer. New Raster Layer. Fill with paper 3. Select none. Apply the mask AR315. Layers - Merge - Merge group.

Paste, as a new layer, the word art, or write something of your own. Center it onto right circle 1. (see my tag)

Paste, as a new layer, the leaf stem. Rotate to the left at 90 degrees. Resize down to 30%. IPL, right click and duplicate. Place the two stems just under right circle 1. (see my tag) Add a drop shadow.

Paste, as a new layer, the double roses. Resize down to 30% and place at the center of the leaf stems. Add a drop shadow.

Paste, as a new layer, the ballet slippers. Resize down to 30%. Place at the right end of the strip. Add drop shadow.
Paste, as a new layer, the word art, DANCE. Resize down to 90%. Place it to the left of the ballet slippers. 
Paste, as a new layer, each of the three ribbons. I nipped the end off a bit of each, so they fit better. Place them under the circle layers across the top of tag. (see my tag) Add drop shadow.
Paste, as a new layer, the three gems. Resize down to to 50%. Give a drop shadow.

Add any other elements. 
Add copyright and Name.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and found it easy to follow.
This tutorial was created May 6, 2018.
All the ideas of this tutorial are copyrighted to BeckyP
Any resemblance to any other tutorial is purely a coincidence.
You are welcome to link to this tutorial and/or print it out for your own personal use.
Please do not copy this tutorial in order to place online.
Please do not re-write, pass out, or claim as your own. Thank you for your cooperation.