Monday, May 15, 2017

Sweet Dreams

A working knowledge of PSP is assumed.

Supplies Needed

Tube of choice.
I am using the art of Enamorte, which can be obtained at CDO.

Monti Mask Circle HERE (scroll down to the 6th image)

Animation Shop3

Plug In Filter - AlienSkin Xenofex2 - Constellation (try HERE)

Fonts used are AL Fantasy Type HERE,
 LavishlyYours Rob  (This is a ptu, I cannot share it)


NOTE: This tutorial is written for the supplies I used. If you choose to use something different, you may need to adjust some settings.

IPL = In Palette Layers


Open a new image in psp, size 700 x 700. (you can resize later if you like.) Flood fill with white.

Paste, as a new layer, the larger of the two tubes. [I notice there was a slight outline on my tube, so I used my magic wand and click outside the tube. Selections - Modify - Feather - Set to 5. Delete.

Move the tube to the bottom of your tag and keep it centered. Apply the Monti circle mask. Settings:  Select Source Luminance - Fit to canvas - Hide all mask.
Layers - Merge - Merge Group.

Move the tube up to the left center of your tag. IPL, right click and duplicate twice. Hide the original tube. Click on one of the the remaining tubes and mirror then flip. Place each tube so they are facing each other and move each to the edge of your tags, but keep them almost touching. Don't worry if some of the tube goes out of frame. IPL, right click the top tube and merge down. Right click and duplicate. Click on the top image and rotate right 90 degrees. IPL right click the top image and merge down.

Go to Adjust - Blur - Radical blur. Settings: Blur type = Twirl. Blur strength = 40. Twirl degrees = 72. Check Elliptical. 

Apply the monti mask with same settings. Layers - Merge - Merge Group. Using your magic wand, click on the outer edge of the mask layer. Selections - Modify - Feather, Set to 40. Delete. 

Still working with the mask layer, go to Effects - PlugIns - Xenofex - Constellations. Settings: Star Size = 5.51. Size variation = 50. Edge star density and Over all star density = 1. Overdrive = 100. Twinkle amount = 75. Put check in Keep Original Image.

Paste, as a new layer, the Moon. Move it to the far left of your tag. Slightly above center. Apply the same monti mask with same settings. Layers - Merge - Merge Group. Now move the moon to the lower right of your tag.

Unhide the original tube layer. Resize down to 90 %. Keep it to the left of the tag, but fitting with in the mask area.  

Merge all layers

Put a dark color in your foreground color pallet. Click on your Ellipse Circle tool. Line style is solid. Width is 1.  Draw out a large circle around the mask layer. Go to Objects - Align - center in canvas.
Open your text tool. Move the large A, which is your curser, to the top center of the circle. When you see the arc ) beside the A, Type out Sweet Dreams. Font is AL fantasy, size 48. Foreground color is closed. Background color is f8f8f9.  Once it is center as you like, click ok. Give a drop shadow. H & V = 1. Opacity = 75. Blur = 4. Color is 27429f.
IPL, delete the circle. Right click the text and merge down.

Add copyright and merge it down. 

If you are not going to animate then go ahead and add the name. Merge all visible. Save.


Make sure you've merged all layers.
Create a new raster layer. Put a very pale, almost white color in your foreground color palette. I used, e1ebf4. Using your paintbrush, set to size 1, click on the sparkles that are in the lady's hand. Click as many or as few as you like. I didn't do all, but I did quite a few.  
Now go to Selections - Select All.
Effects - PlugIns - Xenofex 2 - Constellations. Settings: Star size = 2. Size Variation = 50. Edge Star Density = 50. Overall Star Density = 25. Overdrive = 50. Twinkle Amount = 4. Check Keep original Image. Select none. Right click your tag and select copy merge.

Open animation shop. Paste as a new animation your tag.
Go back to psp. Edit - Undo select none. Undo constellation. Go to plug in Constellation. Keep the same settings. Click random. 
Select none. Right click tag and select copy merge. 
Open animation shop, right click your tag you have there and paste after current frame. 

Repeat these steps 2 or 3 more times until you have 4 to 5 frames.

In animation shop, go to Effects - Select All. Go to Animation - Frame properties. Select 10.
Go to View - Animation. If you are happy with the results save as a mng file.

For the name, after making it in psp, paste in animation shop as a new animation. Go up to the tool bar, or to the edit and click propagate paste. Now, click on your name and type Ctrl  a   Ctrl c. Click the first frame of your tag and type Ctrl a  Ctrl e. Place name where you like. I put mine at the lower left of my tag. Save as a gif. file.

 I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and found it easy to follow.

This tutorial was created May 15. 2017.
All the ideas of this tutorial are copyrighted to BeckyP
Any resemblance to any other tutorial is purely a coincidence.
You are welcome to link to this tutorial and/or print it out for your own personal use.
Please do not copy this tutorial in order to place online.
Please do not re-write, pass out, or claim as your own. Thank you for your cooperation.

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