Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Tutorial: Sunshiney Day

A working knowledge of PSP is assumed.


Tube of choice. I am using the art of Molly Harrison. Her tubes can be found at CDO.

My Supplies (background and fence)

Font is Flores

NOTE: This tutorial is written for the supplies I used. If you choose to use something different, you may need to adjust some settings.

IPL = In Palette Layers

Let's Begin

Open a new image in psp. Size 700 x 275. 

Paste, as a new layer, the background paper from my supplies. Center it as you like. 

Paste, as a new layer, the fence from my supplies. Move it down to the bottom of your frame. (see my tag) Give the fence a drop shadow. H & V = 1. Opacity = 50. Blur = 4. Color is black.

Paste as a new layer, your tube. Increase the size up to 115 %. IPL, move the tube layer below the fence layer. Move the tube to the right side of your frame, but not to the edge. (see my tag) Give tube the same drop shadow you gave to the fence. 

Make a yellow gradient. Foreground color is, ffffe7.  Background color is, ffff80. Open background color. Click on the Gradient tab. Settings: Style = Sunburst. Repeats = 0. H & V = 50. Make foreground null.

Using your ellipse circle tool, hold down the shift key and draw out a circle. You want the radius to be about 55. Layers - Convert to Raster Layer. Move the circle (sun) to the upper left of your frame. 
IPL, right click the sun and duplicate. 
Click on the top sun. Use your magic wand to click outside the sun. Go to Selections - Modify - Feather. Set to 25. Now click delete 3 times. 
Now, click on the bottom sun. Go to Adjust - Blur - Gaussian Blur. Set to 10. 
IPL right click the top sun and merge down to the bottom sun.

Paste, as a new layer, the two dragonflies. Resize down to 75%. I chose to separate mine so I could rotate one more than the other. Give each the same drop shadow you've been using.

Make your foreground color black. Null the background. Click on your pen tool. Set it to freehand. Line style is small dash. Size 1. 
Starting at the center of one of the dragonflies, draw out a swirly line to the edge of your frame. Layers - Convert to Raster Layer. Give it the same drop shadow. Reduce the opacity to 50. IPL, move the swirly layer below all layers except for the background. Repeat this for the other dragonfly. 

Create a new raster layer. Move this layer to the top of your palette layers. Selections - Select All - Modify - Contract - by 12. Invert. Fill with black. New Raster Layer. Selections - Modify - Contract - by 1. Invert. Fill with a color from your tube. 
I chose to make a gradient. Foreground color, 4e61bc. Background color, 9daef7. Foreground click gradient tab. Settings: Style = Linear. Angle = 45. Repeats = 4. Fill new layer with the gradient or a color of choice. Select none.
Click on the black layer and give it a drop shadow. H & V = 0. Opacity = 100. Blur = 10. Color is black.

Add your copyright and merge all layers. Add a name and save.
 I actually chose not to merge all my layers so that after making the name, I could move it behind the fence layer.

For the name I used the font Flores. Size 26. Stroke width 1. Kerning 5. I used the same yellow gradient I used for the sun. I left the foreground and background palettes open. And changed the style to Linear. 
After typing out the name I copied it and then deleted it. I then re-pasted it as a new raster layer.  Selections - Select All - Float - Defloat - Modify - Expand - by 1. New Raster layer. Fill with this color, 4e61bc. Select none. IPL move the blue layer below the yellow. Right click the yellow and merge down with the blue. Add a drop shadow. H & V = 1. Opacity = 50. Blur = 4. Color is black. Move the lower left, just off center of your frame. (see my tag). 


Open a new image size 175 x 200. Paste, as a new layer, your tube. Increase size up to 115% and give it the same drop shadow you used for tag.
Now make the same frame that you made for the main tag. Add Copyrights, Initial, and merge all layers.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and found it easy to follow.

This tutorial was created June 14. 2017.
All the ideas of this tutorial are copyrighted to BeckyP
Any resemblance to any other tutorial is purely a coincidence.
You are welcome to link to this tutorial and/or print it out for your own personal use.
Please do not copy this tutorial in order to place online.
Please do not re-write, pass out, or claim as your own. Thank you for your cooperation.